{ALL} Normal and Premium NFT Microchip Table!

Written by Gravity05 on 2022-07-06 at 02:24pm

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Ehy Habbo,

Page 2 Twitter NFT were announced the release of 2 New NFT furni:Normal and premium Microchip Table

Let's go see them together. . .

The sale of the Chip Premium Table is based onbrand new limited purchasing system. To make it as fair as possible, we will ask people to "register" to have the opportunity to buy one of the tables.

How will that work?
Further this week you can visit our website (closer to the hour, we will let you know when it will be active) and pay in advance during the registration period. At the end of the registration period,the system will randomly choose 300 buyersto receive one of the tables, fully refunding all the others.
:Attenzione:IMPORTANT:all buyers who are not selected will automatically receive their NFT credits at the same time as the 300 buyers are taken.

What if the offer exceeds the question?
For the sale of Premium Chip Table, if there are less than 300 buyers, all those who paid in advance will receive a NFT. In addition, the supply is permanent: there will be no future opportunities to purchase the remaining NFTs that were not originally purchased.

If I don't get a table, will I get back the NFT credits I paid during the registration period?
If you have not been chosen, you will automatically receive the refund of your NFT credits.

When do I get back NFT credits?
You will get them back at the same time when the 300 buyers are selected.

Will these NFTs be numbered on IMX?
Yes. Like Diamond HC sofas, these NFTs will have numbers.

Will you ever sell these limited edition NFTs again?
No. Since they're limited, we won't sell them again. You can quote on this

Can I participate in the registration period more than once to get more NFT in limited edition?
No. You can only enter once per wallet.

:Soldi:Sale will be open at 16.00

:Commenta:What do you think of this new NFT van? Let us know below with a comment.. .