{ALL} Sulake donates 1000 free NFTs to the Habbo community

Written by Gravity05 on 2021-11-25 at 03:52pm

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Players Habbo Hotel will have theopportunities to own a'work of art unique!

Helsinki, FI -- 25 November 2021 -- Sulake, part of the multimedia and digital entertainment platform Azerion, announced today that will stake 1000 Habbo Avatar for free to the wider Habbo community to share success of the project with the fan base that make the game what it is. These are randomly generated avatar are part of a collection composed of more 10,000 NFT launched from Sulake to September, which went Sold out in 26 hours, allowing digital fans and collectors to buy and own entirely as part of their portfolios. In addition to thank the Habbo community of old date, this tribute also aims to make Habbo Avatar collection more inclusive expanding the base of owners.
With many of the rarest objects of this collection included as part of the tribute, the community could end up owning areally unique artwork. Based on the previous drop Avatar Habbo value, this giveaway is easily assessed over 1 million euros (based on the current basic price, subject to change), for which Sulake will cover all taxes.

"As players of the main trading game, we know that Habbo players understand the value of digital resources," he said. Valtteri Karu, CEO of Sulake. “Date the success of the collection Habbo Avatar, we wanted to make sure that our community members hadopportunities to take part in the new adventure of Habbo. This tribute is just another way to thank our community for supporting us for so many years."
To receive one of these avatars, players must have more than 18 years, send an address Ethereum portfolio and have a Habbo account created before 1 January 2020 with more 100 hours of activity from 1 January 2021 to 24 September 2021. These measures ensure that only registered Habbo players and existing community members can take part in this giveaway. Players can participate in giveaway completing a poll in play that will be open for a week starting from Friday 3 December.
You can see the Avatar Habbo that will be available in the tribute here:

Sulake has narrowed a partnership with Offsetra which measures carbon emissions from transactions of conio NFT and thus offset these emissions through a series of environmental initiatives and programmes, as Bull Run Forest Carbon and Agrocortex REDD Project.

Check out the Offsetra di Sulake profile page:

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