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Confidentiality of personal data and protection of our users' privacy are important and fundamental values in all our operations. We observe legislation, regulations of legal authorities and good practices in data processing when dealing with our users' and staffer's data.
HabboInHabbo has a high level of data protection. Personal data is protected and accessible only to a few authorized users. Every consultation of the data is recorded.
We protect our system with technically appropriate measures.
In this privacy policy, we have summarized the most significant principles related to data protection. We adhere to these principles to ensure the confidentiality of data and communications on our site.
This privacy policy applies to all services in which you may interract.
We periodically check that this policy is up-to-date and re-update it whenever necessary.

Data protection

We respect your privacy and have made a commitment to safeguard the privacy of everyone who accesses and uses our services such as home and radio.
In all our operations, we protect data to the highest level and treat it confidentially. To ensure this confidentiality, we use appropriate technology and data security solutions in addition to specific administrative measures.

Your rights regarding the processing of your data

For any request you can send an email to the administrative team at [email protected]
Any request will be processed within 48 hours of receipt from the email. Depending on the type of request you may receive an attached copy of the data/response of the requested transaction.
- Right of Access and Right to Data Portability since we do not currently have an automated system, data collected by our system can be requested by sending an email to our administrators in the manner described above.
- Right of rectification, if you notice incorrect or outdated data among the personal data we process, you can update it through the Forum user panel.
- Right to erasure, you have the right to request the deletion of data that are no longer needed. We do our best to remove them, according to the category of data, automatically, but if there should be data that are not needed or authorized, you can send a request to the administration in the manner described above.
- Right to restrict processing, in some situations you may request to restrict data processing or object to it.
We intend to describe in this privacy policy all our data processing methods in a transparent and understandable manner.

What data do we collect?

Why do we collect your personal information?

We require certain personal information to better ensure our services.
We need contact information to retrieve a forgotten password. We check the IP and Browser from which you connect to try to ensure, when there are games, fairness among users so that everyone has an equal chance of winning a prize.
Given the nature of our services, the processing of personal data is an essential and integral part of our systems, despite the fact that on the site itself we do not use your name or any other information that can personally identify you.

Personal data processed

We process only personal data where it is appropriate and necessary to do so. The type of data we collect and store varies depending on the activity that is taking place on the site.
In general we record posting activity on the site by recording where the user is coming from at that time and what type of browser they used.
Examples of personal data processed in our services:

● Contact information, such as e-mail address

● Browser information and operating system version

● History of viewing pages in the forum

● Log of actions performed on the site/forum.

● Chatlog. We may retain conversations for security and moderation purposes.

● Data generated from the use of our services, such as technical data generated by participating in our games/competitions

● Cookie information and third-party cookies from the Twitter feed on the site or image hosting service

Data generated by use of the services

We collect data about your interactions with our services and with other users within the site. This could, for example, be chatlogs, preference settings, access logs, and moderation actions. Some of this information is personal data, meaning it could be linked to your account, and some could be collected and used only in aggregate form (such as statistical measures that would not personally identify you or your account). We may use such information for a variety of reasons, generally for the enhancement, improvement, protection and development of our site. We may also use it to keep our users and Community safe.
The following data may be automatically collected when you access our site: IP address, unique identifiers, operating system, access time, browser and device type, and date, language and referring web addresses. We use such information to monitor, develop, and analyze the use of our site.


Personal information may be collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies, such as pixels (tags, web beacons and gifs), local shared objects and fingerprints. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, we will refer to such technologies as “cookies.“
We use cookies and similar technologies to collect information from registered users and to help us improve the Service. Most devices and browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can generally modify your device or browser settings to decline cookies. Keep in mind that if you change your device and browser settings to not accept cookies, you may then not be able to use some of the features and functions of the site.
Essential Cookies: Some cookies are essential for us to be able to provide the service. These cookies will be used to be able to provide the service to you, and if you do not accept these cookies you will not be able to access it. These cookies do not collect personal information.
Preference cookies: We also use cookies to remember your preferences such as your acceptance of the cookie policy.
Third-party cookies: These cookies are created by the external services that are active on our site. Blocking such cookies does not affect service delivery.
How to reject or object to cookies: You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies or similar technologies. If you choose to use the site without blocking or disabling cookies, you will manifest your consent to our use of such cookies and other technologies. You will also manifest your consent to our use (in accordance with this privacy policy) of any personal information collected through the use of such technologies.

How and why are we using your data?

Reasons for data processing

The following personal data is processed based on our legitimate interest:
- User profile information for content moderation.
- Device information for support and analysis.
We may process part of your personal data based on the consent you have provided. You can revoke that consent at any time.

Personal data retention times
We retain your personal data only for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, and for a reasonable period after that. We do this as required by law to enable us to meet our legal obligations, resolve any disputes, and enforce our agreements. The retention period for your personal data varies depending on the service provided and the nature of the data.
Once the data retention period is over, we precede either to delete it or to anonymize it (e.g., anonymization of the data in question). We process some of the personal data for the entire duration of our relationship with the customer, e.g., contact data. While the retention time of data collected with purposes of actual production or execution of services (e.g., server logs) may be relatively short.

Revoking your consent
If we process your data solely on the basis of the consent you have given us, you will have the opportunity to revoke that consent if you change your mind. This can be done by sending a communication to the staff through the methods described initially. Keep in mind, however, that this will not affect the data processed prior to revoking consent.

Disclosure of personal data
The personal data acquired is not disclosed in any way to third parties.

Cooperating with Authorities
Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties if required in accordance with any applicable law or regulation or order of the competent authorities, or for the purpose of enforcing the Terms of Service and investigating possible misuse of the Services, as well as to ensure the security of the Service.

Data security
Data security during the processing of personal data. We always use appropriate protection measures, such as password-based access control and other protection methods. Our operating environment is protected with firewalls and appropriate anti-virus software.
We process data primarily in a form in which an outsider will not be able to identify you as a person. We do not ask for or store your real name or identity, and our systems use a numeric identifier to identify you both internally and in the systems rather than data such as your email address. With these measures, we protect the confidentiality of communications and prevent irrelevant connection to your identity.
Each of us is responsible for protecting our own data. In order to ensure the protection of your data, we ask you to pay attention to the data security of your devices.

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This privacy policy covers the processing of personal data on the HabboInHabbo Fansite.

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